Photo recultivated area gray line Photos of recultivated excavations and of actual clay extraction


At the present moment there are winnable clay deposits available with a volume of approx. 750.000 m³. Within the present clay extraction sector with its follow-on recultivation effort, there is an authorised backfill volume of approx. 3.1 mill. m³ currently available (Mühlenberg).

In the future, once the Eichenallee location has been opened up, an additional clay extraction volume of approx. 3.2 mill. m³ will be mobilised. Within the scope of subsequent recultivation measures and the creation of a gently rolling morphology, a backfill volume of approx. 10 mill. m³ will be achieved.

In all, this results in a clay extraction volume of approx. 3,95 mill. m³
and a backfill volume of approx. 13,10 mill. m³
  • Graphic: Terrain model
  • Photo clay loading