Photo Excavator shovel gray line Photos of recultivated excavations and of actual clay extraction


As a company Nottenkämper oHG has many years of experience in the clay mining and extraction sector and also in the subsequent refilling of the clay pits with mineral materials. Land refill always entails a rise in the morphology of the landscape.

Since the beginning of the 1980s several extraction and refill areas have been operated consecutively or in parallel:

1980 to 2001: Ash deposition, refill volume of approx. 2.7 mill. m³
Since 1982: Mühlenberg clay extraction, refill volume of approx. 3.3 mill. m³
Since 2001: Windthrow area clay extraction, refill volume of approx. 1.2 mill. m³

Recultivation of the excavated clay pit and refill area is always pursued with the objective of reafforestation of the land to enable it to blend back into the surrounding landscape.

Section through the recultivated area The height increase of the land incurred within the scope of refilling and recultivation should not be optically emphasised during the subsequent replanting measures. To this end, taller trees and bushes are planted at the foot of the rise with smaller trees and bushes further up the slope. All in all, by selecting suitable local deciduous trees and bushes an increase in the percentage of deciduous plants can be attained in the Eichenallee area in comparison with the original state. Additionally created biotopes also offer a suitable habitat for the most varied types of flora and fauna.

Once the recultivation has been completed, the land involved can present an attractive landscape for use as a leisure area by near-natural layout including embedded open spaces.