Aerial view of the area under application Dekolinie Photos of recultivated excavations and of actual clay extraction

the project

As a company, Hermann Nottenkämper oHG has been engaged in clay extraction in the area of the Gartroper Busch clay deposit since the early 1980s.

Due to the consistently high demand for clay, it was necessary to open up additional pits over the years to meet the demand for this raw material. Following extraction of the clay, the extraction areas were always refilled with minerals (such as excavated earth, coal fly ashes) and the area recultivated through reafforestation.

At the present moment, yet another extension pit of approx. 33.5 hectares is under planning and is designed in the medium term to cover both the demand for clay and also the requirement for landfill volume for mineral materials. An application to this end in line with the regional plan representation of the "Eichenallee" sector was submitted in 2007 to ensure the envisaged requirements can be secured.

  • Photo excavator in clay pit
  • Photo recultivation