Photo recultivated area gray line Photos of recultivated excavations and of actual clay extraction


With the planned "Eichenallee" clay extraction and landfill with an excavation volume of approx. 3.2 mill. m³, the clay requirement by Nottenkämper oHG can be covered until the year 2025. Over and above this, until the rise in landscape of approx. 20 metres is completed, this being undertaken in the course of recultivation, there is enough backfill volume available.

To date, the excavation products and the refill materials were transported by truck over an approach road with certified right of way. However, in addition, a harbour with loading and unloading facilities, in particular for the requisite backfill materials, will be provided on the nearby Wesel-Datteln canal, which will make the delivery of major volumes of fill material such as, e.g., coal fly ashes, easier. A site-owned approach route running between the harbour and the deposit site will ensure as short a transportation distance as possible to the backfill point.

Graphic: development concept Consequently, this means that the conditions prevailing at the "Eichenallee" excavation and refill site are conceivably favourable:

  • Long-term utilisation of the deposit site will be secured thanks to the increasing volumes of coal fly ashes in the future and coupled with the current construction of new power stations.
  • There is no hindrance to opening up the area and property is available.
  • No conflicting utilisation can occur.
  • Short distances exist both for the marketing of the clay extracted and for the delivery of backfill materials because the site is so close to the Ruhr district.

All in all, this means that the "Eichenallee" extraction and storage site under planning possesses extremely favourable perspectives both in respect of its location and also of the market situation.