Aerial view of the area under application gray line Photos of recultivated excavations and of actual clay extraction


The planned "Eichenallee" clay extraction and landfill area is located south of the Wesel-Datteln canal in a landscape already featuring a great many dumps and landfills alongside forestry plantations.

The area under planning belongs to the administrative district of Düsseldorf and is located in the municipality of Hünxe in the district of Wesel.

map Because of the good transport connections and its proximity to the Ruhr district, the Gartroper Busch is an ideal location both for the marketing of the clay extracted and also for incoming transportation of mineral refill materials. At a distance of less than 10 kilometres from the clay pit, there are two motorways: the A 3 in the west, which connects the site to the towns of Dinslaken and Oberhausen and also with the district of Kleve. In the east, the A 31 links up with the towns of Bottrop and Dorsten and the district of Borken. Both of these roadways connect with the A 2 motorway which runs along the northern edge of the Ruhr district.

At present all transportation requirements in the Gartroper Busch are met exclusively by truck. However, the Wesel-Datteln canal, which is close by, could be used for transportation by boat. For this reason a harbour is being planned for the near future, connected to the "Eichenallee" area by a company-owned roadway.