Photo Wesel-Datteln Canal gray line Photos of recultivated excavations and of actual clay extraction

BOT model

By virtue of the planned location of the harbour by Nottenkämper oHG the result will be a harbour on the Wesel-Datteln canal north of the Eichenallee site. This harbour will provide an important link between the Eichenallee site and Germany’s busiest ship canal.
This waterway runs through the north of the Ruhr district and connects the Rhine at Wesel with the Dortmund-Ems canal at the Datteln waterway intersection. Large amounts of backfill material can be transported to the site in the Gartroper Busch through the link to this waterway.

Hermann Nottenkämper oHG will follow up on the official decision on the plan for clay extraction with subsequent establishment of a deposition site through to final approval. Graphic: projected harbour Hermann Nottenkämper oHG will also follow up on the official waterways decision on the plan for the construction of a harbour.

Hermann Nottenkämper oHG is offering interested partners - against financial compensation - the existing and also the future clay extraction and backfill/ deposition volumes.A contractual ruling between the partners will be aimed for as quickly as possible since current strategic decisions on the procedures to be adopted for the future are imminent.

Interested companies are hereby requested to make direct contact with the executive officers of Hermann Nottenkämper oHG.